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How to Keep Trespassers Off Your Property

The recent developments in the socio-political climate have brought with it several problems that cause disruptions to daily life. One of these concerns is the growing number of travellers who are illegally occupying privately owned vacant lots and empty farmland. This presents various security issues to property owners, including fly tipping, trespassing and damage to property. The most expensive and time-consuming problem is often the removal of the travellers and clearing up after they leave.

The Trespassing Problem in the UK

The issue of trespassing has sparked multiple debates in the UK in recent months. A popular argument is whether to criminalise the act. Currently, trespassing is a civil issue where criminal consequences are only applied in certain situations. The reason behind the active call for its criminalisation is the growing number of incidents between property owners and travellers escalating to the point where police intervention is needed. Just last year, an incident involving travellers at a brewery caused £100,000 worth of damages to property. With no immediate end in sight, citizens are calling on government officials to develop practical solutions for the problem while they adopt legal methods to keep their properties safe.

There are non-invasive ways to deter travellers from squatting on your property; these include putting up warning signs or cordoning off the area. While these work sometimes, hardened travellers tend to ignore polite notices. Blocking access is a more effective, robust deterrent.

Using Concrete Blocks and Bollards on Your Property

Concrete blocks and steel bollards offer a practical fencing solution that prevents the unauthorised access of travellers’ vehicles onto properties to establish a camp. Concrete blocks provide comprehensive barricades to trespassers; steel bollards are more flexible as they can be customised to be retracted into the ground to allow your vehicles to pass through. Both are effective in keeping travellers off of your property.

Aside from providing your property with additional security, these blockades prevent accidents. While most unused lots are empty, the owner is still liable to accidents that occur to occupants, whether trespassing or not. Discouraging travellers from squatting on your property protects you from civil liabilities that may arise if someone is injured. More importantly, blockades prevent unnecessary confrontations that can lead to violence or property damage.

Securing Your Property with MS Webb

MS Webb is a trusted name in bailiffs and property protection including concrete block and bollard services. We have a team of security consultants who will work with you closely to determine the type of blockade your property needs. We also provide height and width restrictors that limit the number and size of vehicles entering your property.

We at MS Webb employ a strategic and cost-effective approach in ensuring that you and your property are safe and secure. Aside from our blockades, we offer squatter and traveller eviction services that safeguard your property from trespassing and illegal occupants.

For enquiries about our products and services, call us on 0844 544 4804. You can also send us a message ‒ go to


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