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M.S. WEBB - Certificated Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) & Security Consultants

With over 25 years experience, M.S.Webb & Co. offer a professional service which is executed efficiently, responsibly and in a manner which protects not only your business interests, but also your reputation.

Our knowledge, experience and expertise provide us with an unrivalled ability to expedite a resolution on behalf of our clients with the minimum of drama.

Whether it is the repossession of goods or premises, or the removal of unwanted and unlawful tenants, we are able to provide a cost effective solution.

M. S. Webb & Co. have their head office based in Croydon, South London, but we also have locations in Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester & Newcastle.

M.S. Webb & Co. was founded in 1994 by Malcolm Webb, since then the business has grown and is managed by Malcolm who ensures that a personal service is offered to all clients.

We offer commercial and professional organisations, an intelligence service that they can rely on, assisting senior law firms, pension funds, private landlords, banks, building societies and other major business entities. With many years of experience of corporate intelligence work, we operate in a manner designed to safeguard our client's interests, while providing answers to critical business problems.

Our fees are normally calculated on an hourly rate and vary according to the experience of the agent and the risk involved. In certain instances we can operate on a fixed fee, or even a continuing basis. All disbursements are charged at cost. Where commercial rent is collected, where possible, our fees are collected directly from the tenant, thus ensuring that the landlord incurs no extra costs.

Our experienced Enforcement Agents (also known as Certificated Bailiffs) and Security Team can assist all over England & Wales, with services such as Commercial Rent Recovery, High Court Enforcement, Service Charge Recovery, Lease Forfeitures and Repossessions, Removal of Travellers & Livestock, Eviction of Squatters, Asset Recovery & Tracing, and Vacant Property Security such as Security Guards Services, Concrete Road Barriers, and Security Screens.