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MS Webb builds on heritage by joining Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

MS Webb has recently joined the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce in a bid to continue to maintain robust connections within the local business community.

The company, which was established in Kent 30 years ago, has maintained its headquarters in Kent while growing business nationally. As the business has continued to grow it remains important for it to continue to forge strong relationships and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the business landscape in Kent.

Joe and Greg Webb are co-owners of the national enforcement and security business which was originally established by their father Malcolm to serve Kent business. The brothers grew up in Kent and continue to live in the area with their families. They said "It is important to us to be connected to other businesses locally even although the majority of our business is often not done here, we are always looking to exchange ideas and keep up to speed with local business issues. The Chamber membership is a great opportunity for us to do that and to just network with likeminded business people."


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