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3 Professional Ways How to Deal with Non-Paying Tenants

Non-paying occupants in a commercial property are a headache for landlords. These circumstances result in wasted time, a substantial loss of income and unnecessary frustration. You might choose to wait for the situation to resolve itself, but your inaction may give your tenants the impression that lease agreements are meaningless.

Here are three professional ways you can take to resolve the situation. Here’s how to deal with non paying tenants:

Take the diplomatic approach

Speak to your tenant with caution. Discuss with them their late dues and reiterate your previous agreements regarding payment dates. Make sure to adopt a professional, understanding tone rather than a threatening or aggressive one to avoid harassment cases from both ends.

Keep in mind that tenants may have a myriad of reasons for their missed payments. Having a dialogue gives them a chance to arrange another agreement with you. By working together, you reduce the tension and further potential losses, both for the tenant and yourself.

Prepare proper documentation

Some stubborn tenants still fail to hand in their payment after the first approach. If this is the case, gather all necessary documents such as contracts, lease forms, and bank account statements that will support your claim. Doing so, you strengthen your case and increase the chances of rent recovery.

Contact a bailiff

If your tenant blatantly avoids you or refuses to acknowledge your attempts at a peaceful conversation, call a professional enforcement agent. MS Webb has a team of bailiffs who have years of experience in commercial rent recovery and eviction. We help you take action professionally and peacefully. Just give us all the important documents, and we’ll take care of the recovery for you.

We handle the entire process, from beginning to end. Our team is determined to give you a stress-free experience while giving you the results you want. Take charge of your assets and contact MS Webb today.


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