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How to Protect Your Vacant Property from Trespassers

How to Protect Your Vacant Property from Trespassers

Without adequate security measures, your vacant real estate properties are in danger from criminals and trespassers. Reports indicate that illegal dumping incidents have increased across England by almost 40% in just six years. Lacking any visual or physical deterrents, unsavoury individuals can easily access and vandalise your property. Unless someone can regularly check on your property, squatters can even live on your lot illegally.

Reliable security measures, like the ones provided by MS Webb, are among the best methods you can use to deter illegal activity on vacant property. These measures include our security guard services & also installing concrete blocks and bollards.

Vigilant Security Guards

Unguarded lots and structures often attract unwanted attention. Squatters and travellers looking for a place to set up camp can enter unimpeded. What’s worse is if these trespassers also vandalise the property or even steal installations like wiring or appliances. The presence of squatters could make renovating or developing the property more difficult. And the damage vandals and thieves can do could cost you a lot of money.

Security guards are excellent deterrents to these sorts of illegal activities. Their mere presence can already intimidate would-be trespassers. Professional crews will also regularly patrol the perimeter of your property to look for signs of vandalism and to make sure no one is slipping inside unseen. Diligent security guards are also expected to check the credentials of any visitors demanding entrance to your property and ensure they meet established terms before entering.

Concrete Defences

Hiring security personnel works better in tandem with other measures that dissuade illegal entry. If your property is a vacant lot or parking structure, vehicular trespassers could also be a concern. Unscrupulous motorists looking for a free place to park their cars can enter your lot without barriers. Fly-tippers sometimes use vehicles to carry their garbage.

Sturdy concrete blocks and bollards are perfect for prohibiting vehicular access to your property. These heavy-duty barriers can weigh up to four tonnes. When strategically placed around your property or across entry points, only heavy machinery can move them out of the way. Their durable construction and immense weight make it impossible for unauthorised vehicles to enter your property.

Concrete barriers are ideal for providing at least a minimal form of protection around remote properties. If the site is too far away for regular security personnel to provide constant coverage, even a few solid concrete blocks placed in the right locations could significantly reduce illegal activity.

Together, security guards and concrete barriers provide two layers of protection around your property. But these two are not the only security options available to property owners. Find the right company to work with if you want to protect your property with a larger array of security measures.

Dedicated Security Services

MS Webb provides commercial property owners with the security services they need to protect their lots from harm. Our business has been a trusted provider of security and bailiff services in the United Kingdom for over 25 years, giving coverage and experience few companies can match.

Look at our complete list of security services today.


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