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Should I Hire a Bailiff? Benefits of Hiring Bailiffs for Debt Collection

Debt collection isn’t dirty or dangerous — it’s a professional and careful procedure where you need to avoid severing relationships with the debtor. Contrary to popular perceptions, threats and profanities screamed over the phone isn’t the typical way of collecting long overdue debt. Simply sending letters and making phone calls won’t work either.

In the UK, you can apply to a county court to claim the money from an individual or a business that owes you money. However, doing this on your own can be a stressful and challenging experience.

Here’s a look at the ways that bailiffs can help you collect your debts.

Bailiffs understand the debt collection process

When it comes to collecting debt, many people lose their cases because of their lack of knowledge regarding the court process.

Our bailiffs spend every day perfecting their ability to collect overdue debts through judgements in County Court. They have systems in place and strategies they can easily employ to optimise your debt recovery time.

Saves you time

Time is one of your biggest assets and you don’t want it to spend on tasks that can be delegated to others.

Debt collection issues involve lots of time-consuming work. Hiring a bailiff team ensures that you have professionals working for you who will draft documents, research the case and follow the correct procedures.

Acts as a buffer

If you’re a business owner, one of the hardest parts about collecting on overdue debts is maintaining positive relationships with your customers. You don’t want to break off that relationship if you know they’re capable of paying their bills and placing future orders.

When you hire a professional bailiff company, you put a necessary buffer between your business and the customer. If the customer wants to discuss their debt, you can easily direct them to the bailiffs and stay out of the discussion. You can still maintain a positive relationship with your clients without having to worry about upsetting them and losing out on future business transactions.

Better success rate

It’s no surprise that when the term ‘bailiff’ is brought up, people feel uneasy. Having a bailiff contact individuals with overdue debts helps expedite the process of getting the balance paid.  Bailiffs have a better success rate compared to individuals who try to collect the money on their own. Our bailiffs have the experience that is often necessary to help you achieve your desired results.

Get the Power of Bailiffs on Your Side

At MS Webb, we help recover debts through County Court Judgements. Our services are ideal for cases where action is required because you and your debtors have failed to reach an agreement. With over 25 years of experience as certified bailiffs and enforcement agents, we can help you navigate the process with ease.

For more information and enquiries regarding our services, contact us today.


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