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Security Solutions

Concrete Blocks & Bollards

Concrete blocks and bollards will secure your property from misuse.  A solid, reliable barrier will be able to keep unwanted vehicles and visitors from your property.  Our blockades are ideal for securing sites, especially in remote and unguarded areas. You can also use them as barriers on private roads.

Our concrete blocks/bollards services include:

  • Heavy duty concrete barriers from 2.5 tonnes to 4.5 tonnes

  • Highway and roadside barriers

  • Delta blocks

  • Concrete blockages

  • Temporary vertical concrete barriers (TVCBs)

  • Secure locking system

All of our barriers are available either for hire or purchase and can be either temporary or permanently installed.  We are approved highway installers of concrete roadside barriers and are Lantra qualified.  

We handle the entire installation process from start to finish, providing transportation, lorry offload, crane placement and forklift installation.

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