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Security Solutions

Height & Width Restrictors

Whether you have a car park, an industrial estate or a retail park, the use of height and width restrictors will help you gain better control of the kind of vehicles that enter your property. All of our height and width restrictors may be temporary or permanently installed. They can prevent unauthorised access to your property and prevent unwanted vehicles from parking without permission.

A fixed barrier is ideal for when you want to allow site access only to cars and other vehicles of a certain size. A strong, durable barrier effectively prevents trucks, caravans, trailers and other large vehicles from entering the premises. This way, you can deter trespassers and illegal encampments with ease.

On the other hand, an access control barrier is useful if you need greater control over who will enter your site. It allows only authorised deliveries and contractors to pass through.

Access control barriers can be either manually operated or lifted using an automatic system.

We provide a wide range of reliable barrier solutions including:

  • Access control height and width barriers

  • Manual or automatic control barriers

  • Fixed barriers

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