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Security Solutions

Perimeter Intruder Detection

Our Deterrent & Detection Tower is a fantastic effective security deterrent we install for clients in need of securing remote pieces of land where there is no mains power connection.   Using state-of-the-art surveillance detectors, Reconeyez uses passive infrared (PIR) sensors making them highly sensitive to movement and thermal changes across a monitored area. This simple system provides a highly complex intelligence-based security solution as well as comprehensive protection.  These high-tech products are quick to install designed to be deployed in minutes and easily adjustable for directional fine tuning making relocation of them extremely easy.

As well as having high quality HD motion-triggered cameras built-in they have an impressive battery life designed to operate autonomously so that each system can work for up to 400 days without intervention.  Solar panels can be added or an extra battery pack for an even longer operation.  A unique feature of our unit is a warning strobe light that activates at sunset to act as a deterrent.

Programmed by using artificial intelligence based on threat recognition, these clever cameras significantly reduce false alarms. Reconeyez can store up to 200 images in the internal memory with each image taken beamed to a cloud control center using a 4G/3G network solution or linked directly to a monitoring station for fast response as needed.

Download our information sheet for more details.

Reconeyez A4 V2.3
Download PDF • 1.30MB

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