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Ajax Alarm System Installation

A burglary occurs in the UK every minute and a half, with an average property loss of around £3,000. Those are appalling facts. What’s even worse, is that in approximately 64% of burglaries, someone is present at the property when the intruder enters, and in 25% of those cases violence is used against that person. Those statistics point to the need for a reliable alarm system. One that will not only alert the property owner to an attempted break-in but also discourage the burglar from entering the premises. An Ajax Alarm System installation from MS Webb will do just that.

Expert Ajax Alarm System Installation by MS Webb

The Ajax Alarm System is known for its reliability and effectiveness. It has been designed to eliminate the false alarms that plague so many other alarm systems. It’s also breathtakingly fast. The instant it detects a problem, it sends a warning to the owner’s smartphone or to the central monitoring station, which then dispatches security professionals to the property.

Who Needs Ajax Alarm System Installation?

If you own a large commercial property such as a construction site or warehouse, an effective security system is a must. The same is true if your property is somewhat isolated, is located in an urban area, or stands vacant for long stretches of time. All-too-often such properties present an irresistible temptation to thieves, and if they are not properly protected, those thieves will wind up having their way.

But it is not only thieves you need to worry about. Squatters, while not as numerous as they were 40 years ago, are still a significant problem in the UK. In addition, those looking to strip properties of copper pipes and other valuable metals are a large and growing problem throughout the UK.

Why Use an Ajax Security System?

If you are to prevent your commercial property from falling victim to burglars, resource thieves or squatters, you have several choices. For example, you can hire a security guard to watch the premises 24 hours a day, or you can use guard dogs to watch the property. However, these forms of round-the-clock security are not always the most cost-effective option, so it will often be more convenient to attain a state-of-the-art alarm system instead.

Few alarm systems in common use today are as dependable or effective as the Ajax Smart Security System. In fact, the Ajax Security System is the most award-winning wireless security system in Europe.

Why Have MS Webb Install Your Ajax Alarm System?

MS Webb has been helping people secure their property from squatters, asset thieves and other types of intruders for more than a quarter century. When it comes to matters of security, few companies can boast our level of experience or expertise. We provide Ajax Alarm System installation that is quick and cost-effective, and we back up our work with some of the best customer service in the security industry.

When it comes to security, the Ajax Alarm System installed by the team at MS Webb will enable you to rest easy knowing your property, your valuables and your employees are properly protected. Contact MS Webb today by calling 0844 544 4804.


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