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End of Tenancy Landlord Checklist

As a landlord, there are a number of important actions to take for your rental property when tenants move out. Below is an end of tenancy landlord checklist you can use to track your progress and make sure everything is in order.

Lock Change

While there is no legal requirement to change the locks on your property after the conclusion of a tenancy, this is usually a wise move considering that the landlord is seen as being responsible for the security of the property.

Drain Down

The water system and other utilities in a vacant property should stay inactive for as long as the property is empty, otherwise there is a risk of attracting squatters.

Using a utility drain down service minimises this risk, while also reducing the likelihood of water damage or electrical fires.

Meter Reads

At the end of a tenancy, you should take meter readings for water, gas and electricity and share these readings with service providers. This should be done again at the beginning of the next tenancy. Doing this allows for accurate billing, ensuring that you won’t be charged incorrectly.

Vacant Property Inspections

Since vacant properties are vulnerable to vandalism and theft, regular inspections should be carried out while the property is unoccupied. This simply involves security agents visiting the site and checking that there is no sign of squatters or damages to the property.

Wireless Intruder Alarms

A wireless intruder alarm system should be installed in order to swiftly detect anyone trespassing on the property. Wireless systems only activate when they sense movement; this makes them more cost-efficient and better for the environment than traditional CCTV.


At the end of a tenancy, you should inspect the condition of the property and look for damage or missing items. If there is damage, it should be documented with photos and/or video footage. Wear and tear are normal but if you find any significant damage, you may want to deduct the cost of repairs from the tenants’ security deposit.

Rubbish/Stock Clearance

If a tenant leaves items behind after moving out, it’s up to the landlord to take care of abandoned stock and rubbish removal; these items also have to be disposed of in a safe and proper way.

Deep Clean

Finally, you should schedule professional cleaners to clean the property. These cleaners should focus on areas that tenants typically use more often, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Once the cleaners are finished, you should inspect the property once again to make sure it meets your standards.

Comprehensive End of Tenancy Services by MS Webb

Carrying out all of the actions listed in this checklist can be time consuming and stressful; if you are a landlord who needs help these, get in touch with MS Webb today. Our comprehensive suite of End of Tenancy services for landlords encompasses, but is not limited to, everything discussed in this article. Call us on 0844 544 4804 or click here to fill out our online contact form.


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