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Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery Procedure

If you are a commercial landlord who needs to recover rent that is in arrears the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery or CRAR procedure is often the best way to do so. The Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery process is a statutory procedure that enables commercial landlords to recover rent in arrears by seizing goods belonging to the delinquent tenant and selling them. MS Webb provide this important service to our commercial clients, typically at no cost to the landlord.

The CRAR Procedure: How it Works

CRAR went into effect in April of 2014 and can be applied to all commercial leases that were in effect at the time or have come into effect since then. Before the landlord – or the authorised agency working on behalf of the landlord, in this case, MS Webb – can pursue CRAR they must give the tenant 7 days’ notice during which time the tenant can remit the amount owed. Should they fail to do so the CRAR procedure can begin.

Once the grace period has expired the Certified Enforcement Agents from MS Webb may enter the property to seize goods. Those goods can then be sold to satisfy the debt, although the CRAR prescribes specific methods for liquidating any seized goods.

The CRAR procedure applies to all commercial leases whether it is mentioned in the lease or not. In addition, landlords are prohibited from creating leases that modify how goods may be seized and liquidated.

No Landlord Fees

In most cases, our Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery procedure does not result in any cost to the landlord. Instead, we add a statutory levy fee, along with any enforcement costs incurred, to the arrears owed by the tenant.

No Delay

MS Webb are experienced Enforcement Agents with many years of experience. Once we receive your completed Authority to Enforce form you can expect we will serve the tenant with a Notice to Enforce within 24 hours and then see the process through to its conclusion.

Contact MS Webb Today

If a tenant is badly in arrears and the time for waiting has come to an end talk to the team at MS Webb about our Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery service. Our agents are all properly certified bailiffs and licensed to perform the CRAR procedure on your behalf. You can rest easy knowing we are appointed by the Ministry of Justice, that we have a proven track record of success and that we always operate within a strict code of professional conduct.


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