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Void Property Management Services

During the period of time between when a tenant moves out and when a new one moves in a property is considered “void”. In a perfect world, the day after a tenant moved out a new tenant would move in and there would be no such thing as void properties. But in our imperfect world circumstances can conspire to create void properties (tenant bankruptcy, natural disaster, downturn in the housing market etc…) and those properties must be dealt with in a responsible fashion. MS Webb’s Void Property Services are a cost-effective way to ensure your void property is kept safe and secure at all times.

Void Property Maintenance and More

MS Webb’s void property services are key to ensuring your vacant property does not fall into disrepair or become a target for asset thieves, squatters or drug users. Our void property maintenance services include regular inspections to identify issues before they become all-consuming problems and ensure your property is compliant with the terms of your insurance. Timely void property maintenance will also ensure the value of your asset while it sits empty.

Residential & Commercial

Whether your void property is a home or former business, MS Webb can help you. Our Void Property Management Services prevent your residential or commercial property from deteriorating, keeps squatters from moving in and taking over, keeps asset thieves at bay and helps ensure your property does not become an eyesore that prompts the ire of neighbours.

Besides the already mentioned features our Void Property Maintenance Services include:

  1. Inspection of electrical works

  2. Inspection of internal decorations

  3. Clearing of the external grounds

  4. Gas, fire and electrical safety checks

  5. Emergency boarding of windows and doors

  6. Cleaning and bulk rubbish removal

  7. Photo inventories both internal and external

  8. Lock changes

With MS Webb on the case, your property will retain its integrity during the void period and not become an expensive liability.

Get in Touch with MS Webb

A void property can quickly descend from being an inconvenience to being a threat to your financial wellbeing. If left unattended it may attract thieves, drug users, vermin and hard-to-remove squatters. And if someone is injured on your void property, whether they were there by invitation or not, you could end up being liable. Don’t let that happen. Call MS Webb on 0844 544 4804 and talk to one of our experts about our Void Property Services.


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