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Vacant Property Security: Why It’s Essential in 2020

According to The Guardian, the number of vacant residential properties in England has risen for the second consecutive year to more than 216,000. That is the highest it has been since 2012.

Aside from how this figure further impacts issues with the housing market’s rising prices and lack of supply, there are also other, arguably more underrated, negative effects on communities and neighbourhoods.

Empty properties usually invite a lot of unwanted and sometimes even illegal activities. This issue also affects commercial properties that are left unmanned and unprotected.

If you own or manage a property that’s remote and likely unguarded, it’s best that you understand the risks and why you should always make sure it is secured.

In this article, we’ll look at potential risks of leaving your property unprotected, mitigating steps like rubbish clearing and traveller eviction, and how to keep your property secured in the future.

What Happens to Unprotected Properties?

In many cases, leaving both residential or commercial properties unprotected can only result in negative outcomes ranging from minor nuisances like wear and tear because of the lack of maintenance to huge liability losses because of illegal activities.

Weather is also a consideration when leaving properties vacant. Without proper maintenance, the constant assault of the elements can take its toll on the materials of the structure and may eventually lead to damages that are difficult and costly to repair.

Fly tipping or illegal dumping is also a concern. When properties are left vacant, the tendency is for other people to dump their rubbish in the exposed parts of the building like lawns or backyards. There are even cases when rubbish will be dumped inside the property.

But the most concerning issue with unprotected properties is the risk of trespassing and camping. Apart from potentially causing damages to the property and raising the utility bills, trespassers may also conduct illegal and dangerous activities that you could be liable for.

What can be Done About Trespassers?

Evicting trespassers that have occupied your vacant property is a sensitive and potentially complicated and dangerous undertaking without the right kind of assistance. However, it’s important to remember that you have the right to evict them as the owner of the property, according to Common Law.

The safest, quickest, simplest, and most reliable way to evict illegal occupants from your vacant property is to employ the services of professionals like us. We have the right training and experience to handle this task effectively, but still sensitively. We also take care of clearing the area of any rubbish that may be left behind.

What Steps Should be Taken to Secure Vacant Properties?

As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure. The best way to make sure none of the unwanted outcomes mentioned above happens to your vacant property is to prevent trespassing in the first place.

Here at MS Webb, we offer anything from onsite security guards, security dog handlers, to concrete bollards and barriers. Our services will even protect against illegal storage or illegal parking on your property.

For more information about keeping your vacant property secured, visit our services page here.


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