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What a Bailiff Can Do During a Divorce Proceeding?

In most legal cases, legal proceedings require both parties to be aware of all matters and processes involved, especially the complete details of the proceedings themselves – the time and date of the court application and the planned creation of the court order.

In turn, the defendant must acknowledge receipt of the legal documents served against them. Unfortunately, there are cases that the other party will not always be cooperative. One of the most common cases of this instance happens with divorce lawsuits.

Uncooperative Parties in Divorce

A divorce process begins with a plaintiff filing a divorce petition draft against their spouse. The petitions draft is then sent to the Court where the spouse will have seven days to legally and formally receive the petition and confirm by filing an Acknowledgment of Service with the Court.

There are possibilities that the spouse being served will fail to acknowledge the divorce petition for various reasons.

Enlisting the help of a bailiff or process server will help you in cases where:

  1. Your spouse cannot be traced or refuses to acknowledge the lawsuit

  2. Your spouse has a record of domestic violence and you might require being under the protection of the court

How a Bailiff Can Help in Divorce Proceedings

The job of a process server or a bailiff comes in when you need a professional to serve legal documents or file court papers on your behalf.

At the event of the spouse being served refusing to acknowledge the divorce petition, a bailiff or process server will trace the respondent and serve the papers. The bailiff or process server will then present an alternative form of acknowledgement or evidence, such as a correspondence or a simple statement, in place of an Acknowledgment of Service.

A bailiff or process server can also help you deal with an abusive spouse and serve legal documents on your behalf. If you wish to receive protection from the court by means of injunction proceedings, your bailiff or process server can assist you in getting urgent protection without the knowledge of your spouse.

The services of a bailiff or process server can fast-track legal processes during pressing time constraints. Once documents are successfully served and acknowledged, the actual proceedings immediately follow.

Professional Bailiff Services in England and Wales

MS Webb is your safest choice for timely and efficient process serving. Our bailiff office has over 25 years of experience, giving you the assurance that your case is handled by professionals who have your best interests in mind.

We take into account all aspects of your case and tailor the best course of action around it. We have a team of friendly representatives on standby 24 hours a day and ready to respond to any situation.

MS Webb extends its services throughout England and Wales. We are equipped with an in-house source of information and a reliable network of professional bailiffs and agents. We offer a flexible fee structure that allows our clients to engage with us at any stage of the proceeding.

For a free consultation, call us today on 0844 544 4804.


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