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Advertising Vacant Properties Online Attracts Criminal Activity

Over the last few weeks, our team has noticed a significant increase in break-ins occurring at vacant commercial units and fly tipping happening.  All our intelligence points towards the travelling community being the main offenders and we understand they are proactively using search engines to identify vacant properties advertised for rent or sale and then targeting these site locations.

We are regularly called to sites where units have been broken into by forcing entry through seemingly strong roller shutters and where large amounts of rubbish has been tipped and left behind on the premises.

The images below show the extent of the mess that was left behind on a job that we went to recently.

We have successfully prevented this happening to our client sites by placing heavy concrete blocks across the front of the main entrance roller shutters (see next picture) and by installing wireless intruder alarms that triggered by motion sensor.  We recently caught a potential intruder who activated an alarm as he was snooping around the site.  We dispatched our keyholder to investigate as well as alerted the police who attended the site.

Pictured: Large 6m immovable concrete hoardings used to prevent access to vacant units.

Prevention is always better than having to deal with a break-in and the aftermath of cleaning up.  Our motion cameras can be installed quickly and efficiently both indoors and outdoors, covering areas that are out of sight to the public and therefore prone to risk as these are where intruders look to use to access a building such as alleyways and fire escapes at the rear of properties.

By taking a few simple precautions to audit risks and secure your properties and premises will prevent issues such as fly tipping occurring when they are advertised as vacant and seen as vulnerable.

You can find out more about our wireless intruder systems by downloading a brochure here alternative you can contact us to discuss how we can help prevent your vacant properties from being a target for crime by calling us on 0844 544 4804 or dropping us an email

Trust us to help you!


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