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Cruise Control: How to Prevent Boy Racers from Defacing Your Property

Boy racers weren’t much of a problem when they started to gain popularity in the late 1960s. However, there have been recent incidents of these groups causing chaos on both public and private land with their meetings. A report from 2018 even showed boy racers performing dangerous stunts with their illegally modified cars — leaving behind skid marks on a Tesco carpark in Gloucestershire.

It’s not enough that you give the best products and services to your customers. You should protect them from harm when they’re inside your place of business as well. Here’s what you need to know to prevent boy racers from damaging your property.

Knowing the Law

There are already laws in place to prevent boy racers from loitering on your property. The Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO), enacted on 20 October 2014, was made to combat anti-social behaviour in certain public spaces. Anyone who defies this will face a fine ranging from £70 to £100. The boy racer meeting in a Tesco parking lot last year was deemed anti-social by law enforcement officials, and they arrested some of the participants. The drivers, according to local news outlet Gloucestershire Live, may have committed offences such as speeding and criminal damage.

If your property isn’t covered by a PSPO against these types of activities yet, they can still be reprimanded if they’re doing stunts that may cause harm to you and your customers. It may be worth it to contact your local law enforcement to ask for a PSPO against anti-social driving in your area. Boy racers won’t even think of driving to your place when it gets approved.

Installing Cameras

Security cameras are standard equipment when it comes to putting up a place of business. Get a contractor to fit them both in and out of your building. At least one of the cameras should have a clear view of the car park. The mere presence of a security camera could discourage boy racers from holding their meeting in your property as they may get caught on tape doing illegal activities. If they do end up making a mess, you’ll have evidence to send to the authorities once you file a complaint.

Contacting the Coppers

There will be times when boy racers will do what they want despite the rules. When a group starts loitering in front of your store without buying anything, try asking them to leave. If they trash your request or outright ignore it, call the police immediately. A report from the DailyMail showed the activities of boy racers loitering next to a restaurant in a retail park. The offenders, while not causing any violent harm, were disturbing visitors in the area with their loud vehicle noise, loud music, and litter. Some of them urinated on the side of buildings. Put your customer and employee’s safety first. Even if boy racers aren’t causing harm at first, you can never be too sure.

Get Appropriate Security

Boy racers who facilitate their meets in front of a local business can intimidate both employees and customers. Costs related to the repair and cleaning of the carpark can also cause headaches to a property owner. Here at MS Webb, we protect local businesses from the potential damage that boy racers may cause. Our team of security officers make sure you’re safe by monitoring the vehicles going in and out of your place of business. We lock down the site if things escalate.

If you need help with keeping the peace in your place of business, give us a call today, to know more about our services.


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