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The team at MS Webb loaded up a van full of chocolate Easter eggs and delivered them to the East Malling Community Centre foodbank to help support families this Easter.

“Helping our local communities is a key part of our company values” said Greg Webb, Co-Director at MS Webb “While we are a relatively small business, we always do what we can to support others.  Being able to buy luxuries for some families is really hard at the moment and so while an easter egg may seem trivial but for a small child it can help bring a much-needed smile.”

The East Malling Community Centre is situated within the old school and is now a community hub running activities as well as operating a foodbank providing a much-needed service for the residents of East Malling.

Laura Ward, Operations Coordinator at MS Webb said “Sadly, people are really struggling and this community centre is offering a lifeline to many families.  It was a pleasure to help the centre with our egg donation and to find out more about the work they are doing.  We will look to continue to support the centre in the future.”


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