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Giving back at Christmas

As we move towards the end of the year the conversations around the office are turning to Christmas and our thoughts have been focussed on how we can support our local community.  Sadly, for many people this year is going to be even harder to fund than before which means our ability and opportunity to give to those in need is even more important.

While we are a small firm, we have always believed in giving back and sharing our success with those less fortunate.  This year we sponsored a local youth football team providing much needed funds towards the team kit which helped towards keeping this community organisation going.  We also have donated to food banks, supported charity fundraisers, and generally dug as deep into our pockets to help as best we can.

This Christmas we have decided to fund gifts and experiences for children who live in a refuge through the national charity, Kids Out.   The charity works in partnership with Women’s Aid to provide disadvantaged children with new toys and fun days out.

There are many ways to get your company involved and we have chosen to shop gifts in their online store, picking the toys we would like to fund, paying for them and relying on the charity to deliver them the children most in need.

We enjoyed spending time picking gifts from the list and below are some of our thoughts on giving this way this Christmas.

Joe Webb, Director at MS Webb said “I recently redecorated my son’s bedroom so when I read about  Jacob whose dream it was to have a Mickey Mouse bedroom I knew I really wanted to help fund that.  It can be really easy for us to take for granted all the things we do to give our children a loving and comfortable home, I really hope Jacob has the best Christmas and a bedroom he enjoys for years.”

Laura Ward, Operations Coordinator at MS Webb said “As a teenage girl, I couldn’t imagine going to school being unable to dry and style my like everyone else. School can be a tough time for most children so to enable kids the chance to feel like they fit in just that bit more is extremely important, I could relate to the importance of this. It’s makes me really happy knowing that we have the opportunity to make a difference by giving what we can this year.”

Greg Webb, Director at MS Webb said “Kids Out is making an enormous difference to so many young people and reading the list of toys, wishes and gifts that were hoping for was so helpful for us as we wanted to buy gifts that were something the children really wanted.  We have been humbled by the process and are just happy to have made a small difference.”

You can find out more about getting your company involved here


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