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How Alarm Systems Work

Over the past decade, advancements in security system technology have transformed the landscape of commercial protection. MS Webb stands at the forefront of this security evolution, bolstered by our deep understanding of alarm system intricacies, our unwavering commitment to innovation, and our ethos of delivering consistent respect and attention to all our clients.

How Commercial Alarm Systems Work

Modern alarm systems have done away with the need for invasive electrical installations. Instead, components are seamlessly interconnected wirelessly, drawing power from batteries or wireless transmitters.

Here are some of the fundamental features of today’s wireless commercial alarm systems:

  • The Control Panel: Acting as the system’s nerve center, the control panel communicates with all other components using radio waves.

  • Contact Sensors: These two-part sensors are primarily installed on doors and windows. When the contact is disrupted due to any unauthorized entry, an alarm is activated.

  • Motion Sensors: Designed to detect unexpected movement within a facility, these sensors are positioned to avoid regular motion but to detect any unauthorized presence.

  • Glass-break Sensors: An essential tool for commercial properties, these sensors detect the sound of breaking glass, offering an additional layer of protection.

  • Cameras: Unlike conventional security setups, our system includes indoor motion cameras proficient in both lit and dark scenarios. These advanced devices not only raise an alarm within a fraction of a second but also transmit visual data to the monitoring team in under nine seconds.

MS Webb’s commercial alarm system also encompasses features such as fire and leak protection.

Wireless Commercial Alarm Systems from MS Webb: The Premier Choice

For over 30 years, MS Webb’s team has crafted innovative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions addressing a spectrum of commercial challenges, including fly tipping, traveller eviction, and commercial rent recovery, among others.

To delve deeper into the workings of commercial alarm systems or to explore our expansive service range, reach out to MS Webb at 0844 544 4804 or drop an email at


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