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Pillars of Security: The Role of Concrete Bollards in Customer Safety

Concrete bollards are everywhere in the UK. You see them in parks, the government offices, and even your local bus stop. If you don’t know what they are, they’re the little posts made of concrete or steel that you often see on pedestrian areas. And while they may seem like regular street ornaments only there to block your way, they serve a higher purpose: guarding people against vehicle-based attacks.

Cities across the country have been installing bollards in public places in light of the recent Nice and Berlin attacks. They both involved terrorists using vehicles to harm people in public areas. Manchester is one of those cities, as it spent over £264,000 on concrete barriers to prevent these types of attacks entirely.

Businesses should build bollards on their property too, as they provide protection without looking overbearing. Here’s how these short stumps of concrete can keep your customers and property safe.

They Discourage Attacks

According to the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, bollards may prevent three out of five possible vehicle-based attacks. First, they help mitigate damages from explosions caused by parked vehicles. Strategically-placed bollards provide space that keeps attackers at bay. Second, bollards — when spaced correctly — provide a barrier that discourages cars from slipping into your commercial property unnoticed. Finally, well-made bollards can stop a vehicle that tries to ram its way into your perimeter dead in its tracks.

They Help Regulate Traffic

Apart from mitigating possible attacks, bollards also serve as guides for vehicle traffic. If you want cars to slow down when they get to your property, ask your concrete blocks and bollards installation service provider to place them in your parking lot. Along with signs, use bollards to direct entering vehicles to their parking spot. It also prevents people from accidentally entering a restricted area.

Apart from providing guidance, bollards also mitigate illegal parking. If you have an open parking spot, surround it with bollards instead of mile-high fences. This forces drivers to go through a control point or toll gate you’ve installed in order to make their way into your property.

They Provide Visibility at Night

You can help your customers navigate their way through your parking spot when visibility is low. If your business operates mainly at night, consider designs that have built-in lights. If you are on a budget, you can always opt for ones with reflector tapes or bright colours. You can also place illuminated bollards on or next to your property’s sidewalks to create a clear divide between roads and pedestrian areas.

Part of good customer service is ensuring that your customers are safe when they are on your commercial property. Concrete bollards help achieve this by providing barriers against unauthorised vehicles. They can also be used to safely guide customers through your parking lot and create clear separations between roads and pedestrian areas. And with the subtle design of bollards that fit right into your property, your patrons will not even notice that they are protected against the most dangerous threats.

Get High-Quality Concrete Bollards

Unguarded areas like car parks are often at risk of illegal parking and dumping. Here at MS Webb, we help protect your commercial property from these problems by offering concrete blocks and barriers.

Our services include installing heavy-duty concrete barriers, highway and roadside barriers, concrete blockages, delta blocks, secure locking systems, and temporary vertical concrete barriers (TVCBs). You can choose whether to have these barriers temporarily or permanently installed. We have over 25 years of experience in providing security solutions, so you’re sure to get professional service with us every time.

Contact us today to get your property secured.


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