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Traveller Eviction Services: How We Keep Out the Uninvited

Whether you have an empty house up for demolition, an unused commercial building or a vacant lot, one of your worries is heading to your property to find people living there without your permission.

Having squatters or trespassers on your property is not only worrying, it may also be dangerous. Some property owners have it easy, as they can easily ask trespassers to move out. Others struggle and require traveller eviction professionals to help reclaim their property.

The Effects of Squatting and Trespassing in Your Property

People squat and trespass for a variety of reasons, the most common being that the building or lot is vacant and easy to occupy. Others choose to occupy for protest or recreation. Whatever the reason may be, choosing not to leave land or property when one is instructed to do so is a civil crime that could lead to a £5,000 fine, six months in prison or both.

Aside from being illegal, the presence of trespassers and squatters has negative effects on your property. Your possessions might get stolen, or the trespassers may leave a trail of litter and vandalism during their stay. Trespassers might get violent or conduct illegal activities on your property, endangering you and the community.

The Benefits of Traveller Eviction Services

Some trespassers and squatters are easy to talk to and will leave the property, if asked to do so but this is not always the case. Hiring a traveller eviction company to handle trespassers and squatters for you brings you the following benefits.

  1. Fully equipped eviction measures – Traveller eviction companies are fully equipped to handle all kinds of trespassers. They use dog teams, tow trucks, video units and other measures that the circumstances require. They also arrange with the local authorities to keep the eviction process under control.

  2. Few costly and time-consuming legal problems – To legally extract travellers, you have to go through the county court and the high court. However, these options are time-consuming, since they require the names of the travellers and three days’ notice for the travellers to attend the hearing. Hiring a traveller eviction company to do the job for you saves you the time and expenses of getting a court request, as their services fall under the Common Property Law.

  3. Safety – Asking a traveller to evict the premises can be stressful, especially since they can get violent. Traveller eviction services save you the stress by peacefully resolving the situation. Bailiffs of reputable companies have years of experience in handling travellers, so they can adapt to any challenge.

How Traveller Eviction Works

Traveller eviction services can serve as consultants or enforcers of the eviction. You can call them to ask for advice on how to approach trespassers when they gain access to your land.

When trespassers refuse to vacate your property, traveller eviction services will do the work for your peace of mind. They serve notice to the trespassers and wait for 24 hours for them to comply. If the trespassers are still in the area, the company will carry out the eviction.

Once the premises are cleared, the company clears up the property and adds countermeasures to prevent future incidents of squatting and trespassing.

Protecting Your Assets and Investments with MS Webb

MS Webb helps protect your assets with their eviction services. If your property has trespassers, our team will vacate them quickly and professionally while staying within the law.

With over 20 years of experience, we have handled various traveller eviction cases. We draw from our experience to find a solution that best fits your situation. Our firm is constantly developing and is prepared to take on any challenges.

Act now to recover your assets. Call us on 0844 544 4804 for prompt traveller eviction services.


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