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Wireless Intruder Alarm System

Wireless Intruder Detection Alarms represent the next generation in security systems. Wireless systems from MS Webb are used by a variety of clients including construction companies, retail businesses, residential & commercial landlords, and many more. A wireless intruder detection system is more cost-effective than traditional CCTV and does not require the same type of round the clock monitoring nor power on site.

Trust the security experts at MS Webb.

The Benefits of Wireless Intruder Detection Alarms

Wireless systems are not only more cost effective than CCTV, but they are also more eco-friendly. There is no requirement for consistent monitoring as the system only activates when it senses movement, a short clip is relayed to the monitoring station as well as senior management, allowing the relevant action to be taken. This could be the dispatch of an officer to investigate, escalation to the police or a false alarm that can be closed off. This also prevents unnecessary costly attendance to site for the client.

Our Wireless Intruder Detection System product range encompasses the following:

Motion Protect PIR Sensors

  1. Motion detection distance of up to 12m

  2. Alarm signal delivered in 0.15 seconds

  3. Operates for up to 5 years on its pre-installed batteries

  4. Automatically alters its sensitivity depending on weather conditions

Motion Cam (indoor)

  1. Operates in light or dark environments

  2. Transmits a photo in less than 9 seconds

  3. Alarm signal delivered in 0.15 seconds

  4. Runs for up to 4 years on pre-installed batteries

Motion Protect (outdoor)

  1. Programmed to ignore pets to reduce false alarms

  2. Detects movement out to 15 meters

  3. Delivers alarm signal in 0.15 seconds

  4. Will run up to 5 years on included batteries

Fire Protect

  1. Detects smoke and spikes in room temperature

  2. Delivers alarm signal in 0.15 seconds

Leak Protect

  1. Provides early detection of flooding

  2. IP65 water and dust resistance

  3. Delivers alarm to mobile device in 0.15 seconds

  4. Pre-installed batteries last up to 5 years

Please download our brochure on Wireless Intruder Detection Systems to find out more about their features and benefits.

A Smarter Type of Protection

Wireless security systems move beyond the idea of simply catching intruders. While they most certainly will do that, they can also identify access points that are not properly covered or those that have issues which could lead to intrusions.

To learn more about our range of security services, get in touch with us by calling 0844 544 4804 or emailing


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