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Vacant Property Security Services

It has never been more important to secure your vacant property from the threat of criminal activity, weather damage, squatters and other hazards. Without adequate vacant property security the property could become a safe haven for drug addicts, be stripped of its copper pipes or become a breeding ground for litigation against the property owner. MS Webb are vacant property protection specialists who can ensure your temporarily unused property does not become more liability than asset.

Why You Need Vacant Property Security Services

Vacant properties are magnets for all types of unlawful behaviour and damage including, but not limited to:

  1. Fly tipping: As landfills reach overflow status and disposal rates increase more and more people are engaging in fly tipping. These days any vacant property is a potential target for fly tippers.

  2. Squatters: While numbers are down significantly from the 1960s and 1970s there are still an estimated 20,000 squatters in the UK and every vacant property is a potential squatter camp.

  3. Drug activity: Drug addicts typically seek out places where they won’t be bothered while they engage in their destructive behaviour, and empty buildings are a common target.

  4. Copper theft: Vacant buildings are often the target of copper thieves who enter under cover of darkness and strip the copper pipes from the walls and floors.

  5. Weather damage: A vacant, poorly maintained building will become susceptible to weather damage. Once that happens the integrity of the entire structure is at risk.

  6. Infestations: Like every other creature when rats, mice, roaches and other vermin find a safe place to live (like a vacant building), they’ll move in and set up house.

Vacant property security from MS Webb can protect you from all of the above threats. Not only that, by taking advantage of our vacant property protection service you will also be protecting yourself from potential lawsuits. 

UK law is clear that property owners have a duty of care to protect anyone who sets foot on their property, whether the property is occupied or not, and whether the person is there lawfully or not. So if someone enters your vacant property and injures themselves you could face litigation and be forced to pay a significant settlement.

Contact MS Webb

Don’t let your vacant property become a liability. Call the vacant property specialists at MS Webb on 0844 544 4804. It may be the smartest call you make this year.


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